Tuesday, November 13, 2018  

          Building energy efficient homes
is something many people see as different
and unique, but it is a concept that is fast
becoming standard practice.
          Don Terrell is one of the founding
members of the Dallas Green Building
Initiative. Don says in the future many
families won’t be able to keep up with
rising energy costs unless they abandon
"traditional" home building techniques.

  Spray foam insulation can expand up to
120 times its volume to seal many small
cracks that transmit air, which can save
up to 60% in energy costs versus
traditional fiberglass insulation.

Photo courtesy sealection500.com

          "I’m not a green builder because
I am trendy," Don says. "I am a green
builder because it’s responsible."
          Accent Country Homes uses
new blown insulation techniques, thermal

thermostats provide
energy savings.


pane windows, energy
efficient door and
window frames, and
advanced heating and
cooling systems.
          Green homes
are healthy homes.
Indoor air quality can be protected against
pollutants through the careful selection of
materials as well as detaching garages
and chemical storage areas.
          "Dozens of considerations go
into building an energy efficient house,"
Don Terrell says. "We identify and discuss
them with our customers as we plan
their new home, because each step
represents an investment in their future."

          Thermostat photo courtesy www.energystar.gov

Advanced window technologies create
greater energy efficiency. Low-E glass,
non-conductive spacers and even gas
fills can deliver far more benefits than
double pane windows alone.
          Courtesy Milgard Windows,


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